Crack repairs

Cracks in your windshield are commonly a result of stone chips left unrepaired that grow into larger cracks. In some cases, the impact of the object is so large that a crack is caused instantly. In this case, it is very essential to seek a windshield crack repair as soon as possible, so that a more costly windshield replacement can be avoided. It is extremely common for cracks to start spreading over just a few days and sometimes even just overnight.

As a general rule, cracks under the arm length are repairable. However, the damage must be inspected by our technician to get the best solution. It is important to note that not all cracks are repairable. These types of cracks cannot be repaired:

  • Cracks over 16 inches
  • Stress cracks
  • Interior cracks
  • Cracks that do not fill due to contamination

***We are one of the only few Service Centre in GTA that fixes windshield cracks***

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