Stone Chip Repairs

A stone chip in a windshield occurs when a small rock or other objects impact the glass at very high speeds, causing a damaged spot. Small rocks of a dump truck or flying debris on highways are the most common occurrences. A stone chip may look like a very small spot, but as some have experienced, will cause the entire glass to crack if left untreated.


Saves you time:

Autoglass Hut technicians take no more than 15 minutes to complete a single repair.

It could be absolutely free! *covered through insurance

If you have a comprehensive insurance coverage on your vehicle, the insurance company will cover the cost of repair. Your deductible is not applied as it is a not “at fault claim” and as a result your premium will not increase. It’s a win – win!

Small problem, big savings!

Left alone in 90% of cases, stone chips start to open up into tiny patterns of cracks. Changes of temperature, vibrations and other factors will cause them to turn into bigger problems. If repaired early, stone chip repair are highly effective with more than 95% success rate. Big savings!

Full Lifetime Warranty

So, in that rare chance if your stone chip repair fails, our huts will provide a lifetime warranty. We guarantee a full credit towards the cost of the windshield replacement.


Autoglass Technicians use the best practices to achieve remarkable results. We begin with a small insertion in the glass to remove broken glass pieces. Then we begin by setting a vacuum on the damaged area with a chamber containing clear resin. This is then injected into the cracks, sealing it tight. Then with natural or artificial UV light, the resin hardens and seal to complete the bond. Our process restores the strength of the windshield to its original strength and protects it from further damage. It has to be noted that all glass repairs are not cosmetic, it is solely for the safety of the glass and the passengers!

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